I’m really curious about who that anon is.

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Brand New // Jesus Christ

That kid with the eyes like yours, he’s talking to me more. He’s funny. He reminds me of you.

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"I have not stopped thinking about kissing you. Your mouth has consumed my thoughts, and the idea I may meet it once again is enough to kill me. The ever so taunting memory of your lips pressed to mine continues to play in my head. I have lost all cravings except to feel the soft curve of your lips against mine once again. I only dream of you and it seems I am going mad. I want you back. I am going mad"
-I hope you know I want to kiss you by unravelung
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Brand New // Sic Transit Gloria
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I love passionate people

that light that enters their eyes when they start talking about something they love

the little arm gestures they make

the massive smile that slips onto their face when they realise someone’s listening

I just love passionate, enthusiastic people and I wish more people would be like that

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Anonymous said: What happened sweet darling :( Please don't be so sad!! If you wanna talk about it just let it all out i'm here if you need to talk about it!
I replied:

Who is this? & the person I love with all my heart left me & idk what to do without him.

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I’m just so lost, confused, and alone without you. I’m so fucking alone.

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Do you not understand that I’m hurting a lot too? I don’t mean to be a bitch. But it fucking comes out and I’m sorry. Everything just hurts so much. I’m not ok with all of this and I don’t think I ever will be

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